19 July 2017

Vlog 02 - UE4 - Camera based Sphere Mask

Progress made by the developper on our camera system : far from being perfect.
+ some concept of adjustments that would be required.

10 May 2017

Houdini Procedural Road and railroad

 When you want to create an open-world, you have to create tools to ease your workflow first. And as I'm still learning and trying my hands at procedural stuff, I just uploaded a video of a procedural system made with Houdini.

Work in progress of my houdini Digital Asset procedural road and railroad using a curve as Input.
Still have to fix properly the UVs and some esthethic parameters.
Will probably give the .HIP files once done.

20 March 2017

Rain parameter - make your terrain wet and rainy !

First blog post ! Yaye !

I was working for the past days on a "Rain Parameter" that I could turn on/off to simulate a weather effect. Right now there is no fancy particles but the Collection parameter control rain over the landscape material and a mesh material.

It's based on several tutorials i found on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXEzhntMnwc), It allows to fill water puddle over a material, with or without rain drops impacts and with a little windy wave effect over the surface. It's not perfect, but will be good enought for now.

Download links : you can use those 2 materials for landscape and regular meshes. Just create a Collection parameter en link it in those materials.

Landscape material with rain parameter
Mesh material with rain parameter

My next step is to dive into the cascade particle effect and create a nice rain fx.

15 March 2017

Devblog announcement

This devblog will be our lair for our game developpment progress, we will explain our ideas and share our humble wisdom about Unreal Engine 4 and indie game dev path.